I'm Dave

With nearly 40 years of sobriety, I am an addiction recovery specialist.

About Me

Starting my journey on sobriety at age 19, I’ve participated in addiction recovery meetings in 48 states.

My Mission

Helping one person at a time

I’m passionate about helping others on their journey of recovery. I want to help those in need of support, one at a time through a unique and personal token which will aid them in spirit and strength.

Recovery Coins

Studies have shown a connection between the visual presence of the coin and the holder’s self-resolve. The coins are motivate holders to continue their abstention from the subject of their addiction.

My History

1984 – 1992

I decided to become sober in January of 1984 while living in California. 

2016 – 2017

More info soon.

2018 – 2019

More info soon.

2019 – 2020

More info soon.

My Message

One Step at a Time. No Matter What.

Each one of us must make a decision to recover from addiction. We have to come to the understanding that it is a matter of physical and mental well-being and see how addiction can wreak havoc on our health and personal relationships. Deciding on sobriety allows us to rebuild their bodies and minds, restoring vitality and clarity. Often fractured relationships, pain and strain on family and close friends need to be mended. Recovery is the opportunity we give ourselves to attend to these bonds and rebuild trust, fostering healthier, more fulfilling connections. Sobriety provides a platform for self-discovery and reaching one’s full potential, both personally and professionally. This is our chance to regain control over our destiny, and reclaim our future. 

Thank you for visiting my website. If I can be of service, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Friends & Supporters

I’ve been blessed with support of great individuals all over South Carolina. 

Contact Me

I work with individuals and organizations all over the country. If I can help you or if you’re interested in my coin pieces, please feel free to reach out.


“No Matter What.”